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Career Education gives you the hands-on, practical training needed to earn a certificate, open the door to a rewarding career, or get you started on your path toward a bachelor’s degree.

The Career Education programs at Ventura College hold the key to unlocking a quality and affordable education giving students real world skills that lead them to the in-demand, well-paying jobs of today and the future, while building stronger and more prosperous communities in the process.  

Ventura College’s Career Education programs are taught by instructors and professionals with experience in that field of study.  Each program provides the training and skills you need for the jobs that need you!

Career Education includes the following programs:

Automotive Logo
Automotive Career Education & Diesel Mechanics
Learn more about Career Education Automotive & Diesel Mechanics programs:
Learn more about Career Education Business Programs:
Child Development Logo
Child Development & Elementary Teacher Education
Learn more about Career Education Childhood Development Programs:
Criminal Justice Logo
Criminal Justice
Learn more about Career Education Criminal Justice programs:
Medical Assisting Logo
Nursing & Emergency Medical Services
Learn more about Career Education Nursing & Medical programs:
Drafting Logo
Architecture, Drafting, & Construction
Learn more about Career Education Architecture, Drafting, & Construction programs:
Manufacturing Logo
Manufacturing & Welding
Learn more about Career Education Manufacturing & Welding programs:
Water Science Logo
Water Science
Learn more about Career Education Water Science program:

Choose from over 30 different career programs at Ventura College.

Ventura College Career Education Program Chart